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Things you should know before drafting a selling agreement

In business dealings, drafting a contract is extremely important in order to ensure Residential Plots for Sale in Islamabad reliability and satisfaction among end parties. In Pakistan real-estate business is growing at a rapid pace due to increased requirement of housing. While making deals of buying and selling property, it is always advisable to make a draft of the agreement to which both parties can consult in case of disagreement or disputes.

Before buying property explore the area or dwelling by yourself and examine all the details of the plot or a house you are intended to buy. It is also important from seller’s perspective to research the area to have enough know-how of the rates of property so as to reach at best estimate of price.

Pick the right party for deal which is possible by getting help from a reliable real-estate agent. An agent will not only assist you in finding reliable party but also get you through the required procedure of property transfer by managing necessary documentations and legal complications.

Before making and deal and signing the final contract, both end parties must sit down and agree upon several important aspects including token money, commision of the real-estate agent and rules and regulations of the initial deposit beforehand and then draft these things into the agreement. Generally Bayana/initial deposit is one fourth of the total payment but it can vary sometimes on mutual agreement.

Both end parties and regularities must be aware of the real condition of a house so full description of the house to be sold should be added in the draft.If there is any proof of inspection of house, do add this in the draft too.

You’ll be further surprised to know that Khyber Pass is being incorporated as an essential part of the CAREC route, which is the Central Asian Regional Economic Cooperation. This step is important for the strategic position of Pakistan and will also assist in boosting the nation’s economy in the next 4-5 years.

In spite of the fact that Khyber Pass is a beauty and if you like to see historic sites and ancient routes then traveling from Khyber Pass is highly recommended but keep in mind that the existing road is damaged from many spots and is also very narrow.

Also, it is a trade route and heavily laden trucks, cargo buses, and loaders pass from here, so make sure that you go with proper planning because the road gets choked up very easily.

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